Pie Chips

I was feeling like a shweet shnack today, so I thought these Pie Chips were perfect. I guess the rest of the world calls them “pie dough cookies.” I had no idea. That gets my wheels turning for some sort of “pie cookie,” though. Anyway, my sister and I came up with these a while back, when I had some pie crust left over. She started calling them pie chips… So that’s what they are.

I also did some experimenting today. I threw a sliced peach and cinnamon sugar on the dough, and rolled it up to make a sort of peach turnover. It was hideous. Didn’t taste bad. It was just ugly. I’m hoping to experiment with that idea some more in the future. But for now… Pie Chips.

These things are so ridiculously easy to make, I refuse to call this a recipe. Seriously.


1 Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust (or any crust dough you choose)




Preheat oven to 350.

Lay your pie crust out flat and slather it with butter. I just held a stick of butter over the stove for a few seconds to get the end soft, then went to town, rubbin’ it all ova the crust.

Rubbin’ It!!

Next, mix some cinnamon and sugar. It’s really up to you how much of each you want. Cover pie crust with cinnamon sugar and pat it down just a little to make sure it sticks.

I loooove cinnamon sugar.

Use a cookie cutter, or just slice some random shapes. Put them on your prepared baking sheet.

Is it just me, or does that weird one kind of look like a silhouette of a puppy?

Cook for about 10 minutes. I prefer them when they’re warm, but I cannot deny that they are quite tasty cooled.


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