Helpful Tips

This is a collection of little things that help me with my baking. I will continue to add more as they come to me.

  1. I use parchment paper whenever I can. When I go to prepare my pan and I’m all out of parchment paper, I can’t help but get frustrated. It’s great for clean up, and especially handy when making things like bars that are difficult to remove from your dish.
  2. You forgot to set the butter out to soften before baking. Now you have to wait 30 minutes for this s#!t to get soft?!?! Helllls to da nah. You need some Bakin’s NOW! Chop the butter into little chunks. It will soften a lot quicker in smaller pieces than it will as a whole stick.
  3. Crack eggs on a flat surface (i.e. countertop), instead of on the edge of the bowl. It will be scary at first. You will worry that the egg will smash all over the counter. I suppose that could happen, if you Hulk out or something. Just get passed the fear and try it. It gives you a nice clean break in the egg and you won’t have shell floaters to deal with.
  4. This is included on the Banana Blob recipe, but I think it’s important and interesting enough to share twice. Baking powder CONTAINS baking soda, as well as a reacting agent. This article, Baking powder vs. Baking soda, contains everything you need to know. I’m a nerd and I think science is uber awesome and it fascinates me that these chemical reactions help make my delicious treats *nerds out over picture of bubbling baking powder.* I digress. The point is, it makes a difference.
  5. This-Kitchen Conversions Infographic

That’s it for now. I will keep this updated!

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